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Dolores Park Renovation Plan Gets Community Stamp of Approval

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Months and months of community input has finally led to a community-approved version of a plan for the Dolores Park Renovation Project. Despite previous false starts, eligibility as a historic resource, dog turf wars, threats to tennis courts, and demands for removal of the clubhouse, the plan will generally keep the same layout to the park, with a few major exceptions. Big changes include the corner of the park at Church and 20th streets (the highest point of Dolores Park) being turned into a new plaza made of "decorative paving and benches; the bathroom building will be leveled and replaced with a "tai chi plaza;" ADA compliancy for the 19th Street entrance, and a bike polo court will be built next to the tennis courts.

Uptown Almanac has a full point-by-point breakdown of all the changes. The city now has a few months to review the community-assisted plan, with a finalized version to be released in February. The renovation will take about a year and half, and will start in October 2012.
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