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The Albion Castle in Hunters Point Has Finally Sold

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If you're a regular reader of Curbed SF, you know we're quite obsessed with 881 Innes, aka the Albion Castle in Hunters Point. The old home of the Albion Ale and Porter Brewery hit the market in late 2009 with a jaw-dropping asking price of $2,950,000, or $2,054 per square foot. Not bad for a castle, right? Wrong. The castle sat on the market for months and months while its price took chop after chop after chop. For over two years, the 1,436 square foot castle sat patiently on the MLS, waiting for an offer. And an offer it (finally!) got! So what if it took leaving the Millionaire's Club! We reported that in mid-October the sale of the Albion Castle was pending. We're happy to report that as of yesterday, the building has sold for $820,000. Congrats to all parties involved!
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Albion Castle

881 Innes Avenue, San Francisco, CA