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Drunk on Luxury in Napa Valley

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Yours if you’ve been a very good saver indeed is Villa Sorriso, a Napa Valley mansion crafted from limestone, antique European tiles, hard woods, and money. Refreshingly non-Renaissance era furnishings and colors lighten up what would otherwise be museum-esque dimensions of this 20,000-square-foot stunner. You almost feel like you could run through its halls, play with buttons in the elevator, tear through the billiard room to get to the gym, raid the wine cellar for something to drink in the home theater. But hey, wait for us! We’re still back in the library, stunned by that ceiling treatment. Still, we’re not so easily won, readers, are we? For $35,000,000, we want more than a Napa estate. We want a decent chunk of Napa itself as well. How about 653 acres then, studded with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, olive trees and tennis courts? Oh, and if the pool wasn’t enough for you, you can hike out to your private lake. Lest you feel overwhelmed, take comfort in listing’s assurance that “this fabulous expanse is beautifully cared for by an onsite manager.” Whether canine, human, or robot-- and whether included in sale or not-- unspecified, but we do see why you might want help managing over a mile of land and a home more than 20 times the size of the average SF apartment.
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