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The Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment Project: It's a Big Deal

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No one would deny that the $8 billion, 10,500 homes, 3.7 million square feet of commercial and retail space Hunters Point shipyard redevelopment project is a big deal. To add further proof, experts have selected the project as one of the three "Transformative Investments in the United States." "San Francisco's shipyard project is both physically and economically transformative for the Bay Area, and globally significant," said Bruce Katz, a vice president of the public policy organization. "The effort is exceptional in its scale and scope by seamlessly integrating a new clean-tech innovation district and broader urban revitalization." Mayor Lee chimed in to add that the national recognition is both important and well-deserved. "Many residents, particularly from the Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods, have worked long hours to provide ? guidance for the much needed redevelopment of that area," he said.
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