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The Embarcadero: NIMBYs Get Ready To Lie In Front of Bulldozers to Stop Tennis Court Shrinkage

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The battle continues over the fate of private tennis courts and swimming pools on the Embarcadero between Washington Street and Broadway as the 8 Washington Street project wends it way inexorably through the approval process. At stake (or perhaps, on the stake) is a 165-unit luxury and affordable housing proposal that would cut Golden Gateway's Club's number of tennis courts and put their pool on the roof. This week, opponents will be able to inveigh publicly against the proposed development at a Ports Commission meeting tomorrow, a Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group on Wednesday, and next week the Waterfront Design Advisory Group (see schedule here) and since all the meetings take place- coincidentally- across the street from the site, no doubt the local pitchfork-and-pike crowd will be out in force. Check out our archive to see what all the fuss is about, but the short version is lawyers, consultants, and local NIMBY alliances dueling over development rights to one of the waterfront's incomparably beautiful sites.
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