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Wading Through Craigslist with Your Dog and Cat

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We already know renting with pets adds time, money, and stress to the life of a San Francisco tenant. But did we know that pet friendly rentals on Craigslist are great for decompression? Alternately hilarious, ridiculous, and occasionally quite comforting, these ads offer hours of fun for you and your pets. We’ve picked a few for your enjoyment and organized them as follows:

The Good:

The General’s House in the Presidio (Pope and Upton)

Yes, the rent ($13,250) makes you gag, but then you see the place, and you start salivating. It’s disconcerting, we know, but our advice: Divide up the each bedroom, rent out part of the living room, do whatever it takes with as many roommates as needed to dial this in. You get not only the historic Georgian Revival General’s house (So you can say, with complete honesty, “We live in the General’s House. Come over for a party!”), you get 4 levels of it, 7 bedrooms of it, 4.5 baths of it. And you get the Presidio. Your pets strongly approve.

The Bad:

255 King Street: The Avalon at Mission Bay

This ad’s listed as “$3155 / 1br - Group Exercise Classes San Francisco (SOMA).” We call this one bad because A) the price and b) the title. Our dog, reading over our shoulder, ventured the following response: “Geez, those are expensive exercise classes.” Sure, they come with a 1 bedroom apartment in the Avalon building, but still. We find it hard to believe anyone with a pet that’s not actively contributing to the family income can swing that much dough. And P.S.: Pets like yards and parks, not granite counter-tops and in-house health clubs.

The Ugly:

650 Ellis Street: Ellis Street Apartments

Not only is this part of the city fairly unattractive, the unit itself, a studio for $1295, seems sized for a 2-dimensional figure, a cartoon someone whose pets, ala Garfield and Snoopy, take up no actual space. Also one of this pad’s listed features is “NO VIEW,” an advertising decision that seems to confirm our point about the aesthetics of the Ellis between Larkin and Hyde. Worst bit of all: breed restrictions on dogs. Come one, now, ‘Loin ‘lords! If there’s one neighborhood having a pit bull would be helpful, it’s this one.

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