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Vote For the Worst Renter Horror Story in SF

In honor of Curbed's Renters Week, we shared three of the most horrifying renter horror stories with you. But whose San Francisco horror story is the worst? Lovely readers, it's time to vote. This poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed. The winner of this poll will advance to the national round, and have a shot at winning a free month's rent (up to $2,500- sorry 1%ers!). Cast your vote after the jump. But first, a quick recap.

Renter Horror Story #1: Bernal Heights Rental Came With Mice, Layers of Sawdust

"A shared bathroom (in between two rooms) that was the size of a closet and was complete with plywood doors meaning you could hear?everything that went on inside including the aftermath of your?roommates hookup's late night burrito feast, immediately following a?lengthy round of loud intercourse."

Renter Horror Story #2: Noe Valley Apartment Comes With Unmentioned Mold Infestation (complete with photos)

"After a couple of days of living there I was waking up with a sore throat and the dog was waking up swallowing really hard, something he doesn't do. I also noticed that the towels didn't dry, and when I hung the shower curtain on the wall to protect the sheetrock crumbled in my hand. Hmmm."

Renter Horror Story #3: One Bedroom Apartment is "One Event Away From a Major Fire"

"Two days before the wedding, with my grandparents' flight due to land at SFO in an hour, we lose power and begin to smell smoke. I try to replace the fuse, but it blows. I go through three more fuses and they all blow, too. A call to everyone's favorite landlord, and he's there in a few hours with his handyman #1. HM #1 looks at our old knob-and-tube wiring and says that the whole place needs to be re-wired. It's one event away from a major fire. He says we'll need to move out for about two weeks while he drills in through the ceiling and installs all new wiring. Our landlord insists we can live through it. "Just move all of your stuff away from the ceiling," he says."

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