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If You Aren't a "Self-Righteous Jerk," This Room in West Oakland Might Be For You

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Meet Ariel and Brad, two roommates in West Oakland who are actively seeking a 3rd roomie for their "chill punk house." At $445/month with a deposit of $667, this is not a bad deal for West Oakland. The listing states that the landlord is cool with pets, but the roomies say "you better have the raddest snake in the world to get it by us." So invest in a cobra. Brad is a "chill dude into partying, eating meat and drinkin' beer," and Aerial is a "high-energy soberish vegan lady into reading books." Why we like this listing: "whether you're a vegan or carnivorous, straight edge or a drunk, hella heter-nonormative or the kinkiest of gender-f**king sex workers, whatever, we don't care. All we ask is: don't be a self-righteous jerk."
· Chill Punk House [Craigslist]