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Rock Star Pitcher Tim Lincecum Sued for Rock Star Behavior

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[Image via Google Maps/Trulia. Click to enlarge]

Wouldn't any landlord be thrilled to rent to Giants’ pitcher Tim Lincecum? Maybe not, because Big Time Timmy Jim is being sued in San Francisco Superior Court for allegedly trashing and stealing from the apartment he was renting.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that landlord Mindy Freile filed suit this Wednesday against the Giants star, claiming that shortly after Lincecum's lease expired at 141 Hampshire St., he reoccupied the apartment without permission. Freile was allegedly trying to evict him or begin mediation proceedings when she decided to enter the unit, only to find the place trashed, her property subjected to myriad violent outrages such as "breaking, staining, defacing, tearing, injuring and destroying."

Said property, again according to the lawsuit, is valued at $200,000. Damaged items include: “bedding, doors, carpet, pillows, kitchenware, linens, furniture, household appliances, art work, decorations, patio furniture, lights, lamps, and mirrors."

On his side of the drama, Lincecum, with typical celebrity-like circumvention, is speaking through his attorney, L.A. Based Rick Thurman, who asserts with typical lawyer-like Indignance that this is an "unwarranted lawsuit" and he refuses to "dignify it with a response." The Giants themselves, with typical corporate-like reticence, have no comment.

Below, a tour of Lincecum's condo in Seattle, where he lives during the off season:

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