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Robert Mondavi's Napa Valley Estate Could Be Yours For As Little As $13.9M

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Come November 16, the Napa Valley estate of the late winemaker and philanthropist Robert Modavi and his widow, Margrit, is hitting the auction block. The minimum bid is $13.9 million, so make sure you check your sofa and coat pockets for extra change. But hey, when the estate landed on the market last May it was asking $25,000,000, so technically the minimum bid is a bargain. Situated high atop a mountain, the 11,500-square-foot manse features a 50-foot indoor pool with retractable roof and, obviously, an underground wine cellar. There also appears to be two tennis courts. The home was designed in 1979 by California starchitect Cliff May. Strangely, it only has two bedrooms. Perhaps that's why it's having trouble finding a buyer? While there aren't any vineyards on the property, there are two plantable acres for aspiring vintners. Think you've got the cash to submit a bid? Submit your sealed bid to Sheldon Good.
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