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East vs. West: Which Home Do You Prefer?

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The debate to finally "give up" and move to the East Bay rages on- this time via real estate. In one corner we have a "3500 square foot Slant Studio-designed work of art" (aka it's a converted warehouse) in Emeryville that's currently asking $2,295,000. In the other corner we have a "contemporary view home" in Eureka Valley that's asking $2,289,000. Let's take a look at the details so that you can cast your vote for which property you think is the better deal.

6480 Vallejo in Emeryville is a 2-bed, 2-bath converted warehouse home with interiors that are tricked out and glossed over with all sorts of eye candy. The property is 6,030 square feet total, because there are two "stunning, income-producing commercial spaces!" No word yet on how much rent the tenants are paying, but it looks like one's a coffee shop. Pros: It's got an indoor lap pool. An indoor lap pool in San Francisco would cost you millions more per square foot. We love the high ceilings and custom nooks. It looks like there are secret hiding spaces throughout the property. And hey, can't beat that those commercial spaces could possibly help with your monthly mortgage payment.

Cons: What's in Emeryville, anyway? The only thing we know about Emeryville is that it's easy to get out of and to the places you actually want to spend time in: Oakland or Berkeley. It's more expensive (but not by much), but has fewer bedrooms and bathrooms than the other property.

4419 19th Street is a 3-bed, 3.5-bath, 2,700-square foot single-family home that's asking $2,289,000. To say the location is "highly desirable" would be an understatement. Pros: Again, the location. You can walk to the fun of Castro Street or the Mission. And that roof deck? You can see everything from it.

Cons: It's almost as expensive as the Emeryville property, but the living space is significantly smaller. But perhaps the biggest con of all is that you can't live in the house: it's currently being rented for $11,500 a month (not bad monthly pocket change). UPDATE: A reader has informed us that the current tenant is planned to move out some time in November.

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