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America's Cup People Plan: Get a Bike

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[Photo Credit: SFMTA]

The People Plan, the city's proposal to control crowds and access for the America's Cup Race, has been accepted by the America's Cup Event Authority. Which means the document will get incorporated into the EIR, most likely with a few further nips and tucks as that document moves towards completion, and no doubt will be adjusted as stakeholders observe the America's Cup World Series races in confined harbors over the next two years (the next ACWS race is in San Diego in late November, and another in Venice (Italy) in May 2012.) Admittedly, it's tough to corral the various constituencies, so yes, it's a huge document. Worth checking out- in there with all the boilerplate it's loaded with maps and charts. One might say a good skim is just one's civic duty. Conspicuous by its absence, however, is the discussion of security arrangements, which remain confidential.
Highlights include the sad news that the F-line extension won't happen in time for the race. The planned Jefferson Street/Fisherman's Wharf renovation projects will be phased to avoid inconvenience, but it doesn't look like they'll be finished. There's not much discussion of parking other than to hint that the city will commandeer parking lots north of Lombard Street, and the guarantee that traffic will be severely restricted north of Bay Street. Full access everywhere for ACEA vehicles. Bike lanes, of course, get enhanced. It's the easiest solution on the ground- aside from walking- and the plan appears to separate pedestrians and cyclists. Feel free to weigh in (or weigh anchor) in the comments.

As for the famously fragile harbor of Venice, we sense much shrugging of Venetian shoulders. Friends there say the cruise ships, plus passing freighters and oil tankers do so much damage no one's expecting a mere boat race to have much impact, and the ACEA's been given approval to set up in the Arsenale, the city's 16th Century shipyard.
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