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45 Lansing Win Is Butterfly's Loss

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Carried on the wings of butterflies is the rumor that 45 Lansing of Rincon Hill shall rise again, like a phoenix from the ash. In this case, the ash in question is actually now a flourishing native wildflower and winged-critter garden, the result of the Rebar/Pollinator partnership and the flexing of many a volunteer green thumb. We have to wish the site’s new owners luck; past efforts on the site have cost former developers Turnberry Associates, not to mention the city itself, millions of dollars, with nary a brick laid. Could it be the curse of the butterflies?

Bravely, Miami-based Crescent Heights, the folks behind the Metropolitan building on First Street, went ahead and purchased the Lansing parcel-- for a substantial discount-- in 2010. Perhaps they’ve worked to lift the butterfly curse in the months in between, for now, according to the recently resurrected 45 Lansing webpage, the condos are “coming soon.” Reader will note that no butterflies appear on this mysterious splash screen, a bit worrisome for current garden residents. Unlikely these flora and fauna tenants will receive compensation.
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45 Lansing Street, San Francisco, CA