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Mission Dolores Condo Features Very Narrow Staircase and Lots of Steel in the Kitchen

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18 Abbey is tucked away on a small street (it's only half a block long!) in the heart of Mission Dolores, between 17th and 16th streets and Dolores and Church streets. The 3-bed, 1-bath condo is on the top floor of a two-unit building. Asking price? $599,000. Theories of why the price is low bounced around the Curbed SF HQ for about an hour. Is it because of the lack of a parking spot? Or is it because the condo is only 828 square feet? The interior has recently undergone some remodeling, including new hardwood flooring and updated electrical. The kitchen is very shiny with its large appliances and stainless steel countertops. And those cabinets? They're Scavolini. Off of the kitchen is an eating nook with a custom table that probably can sit 8 to 10 people. Now, how about those stairs leading up to the master bedroom? Scary, yes, but a problem? We don't know. Readers, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and the monthly HOA dues are $170.
· 18 Abbey [Redfin]