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Trust Fund Established to Bring More Public Art to Downtown

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If you're a frequenter of the downtown area near Market Street, you're aware of the abundance of public art that's scattered about. That's partly because the rules currently state that 1% of Downtown development budgets must be spent on public art installations if the developer's project is more than 25,000 square feet. But at last week's meeting, the Planning Commission unanimously supported a measure that would create a Public Art Trust Fund. The fund would allow developers who are required to spend 1% of their construction costs on public art to instead give the money to the fund as opposed to commissioning a project on their own. The fund would be managed by the Arts Commission and would be used for a variety of public art, including temporary and performance art in public places. “I see this as a proliferation of art in the downtown in various forms of expression,” said Jill Manton, director of programs for the Arts Commission.
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[Photo via mumflwr]