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Mediterranean Seeks Water Lover

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For those seeking the suburban meets city life, St. Francis Wood fits the bill. For those with $3,999,000, we might suggest this 4-bed, 5.5 bath near-mansion (it's 5,707 square feet, but who's counting?). Equipped with lots of outdoor terraces and courtyards, it also boasts an indoor swimming pool, which certainly beats sneaking into the local Holiday Inn. The many baths in the home are fancy, if overdone - evidenced by the Magic-Eye style tiles in one (we think I see a pirate ship!) and that the listing touts the master bath as a "cathedral to water." It's overall quite nice, though we're not sure it's $4 million nice, given the lack of yard, uncovered tandem parking and HOA for the neighborhood, which will set you back $3,327 per year, or $270 a month. It sold in 2007 for $2,625,000, underwent a fairly extensive renovation, and was listed as recently as January 2010 for a whopping $4,795,000. What do you think, dear readers? Can we expect a price chop in the near future, or will this mega-house find a water-worshiping buyer?
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