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Eureka Valley: Little Yellow House Goes Down

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[448 Diamond Street bites the dust, via Noe Valley SF]

A year ago we wrote about this little yellow house wending its way through the Planning Department. The owners bought it in 2007 for $1,076,000 to renovate and expand, then decided it didn't suit them, and proposed a bigger but "greener" replacement. After a few changes mandated by Planning staff to reduce the design's bulk, things moved along- glacially, as usual- and the house was demolished last week, and thanks to a fellow named Tim and the blog Noe Valley SF, we have about an hour of desructoporn compressed into two minutes above. Instead of choosing the deconstruction method- which would have recycled the house's components like the redwood framing- the owners chose to send it direct to landfill. The cost of deconstruction would have been substantially higher and taken a week instead of a few hours, but the owners missed out on potential tax deductions.
They've been paying property taxes of over $12,000 a year, so the owners probably just wanted to move things along. As per city documents, demolition was $5,000 and they paid a fee of $5,424.82 for the building permit with a stated construction cost of $600,000. What was there, and what's been proposed to replace it:

No info on the final green design. We erred in the first post- 448 Diamond is not in Noe Valley. According to the San Francisco Association of Realtors map, it misses that coveted appellation by about two hundred feet and is further north, in Eureka Valley.
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