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Curbed SF Wants Your Haunted House Stories

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[Winchester Mansion (Mystery House) via LMHarrison]

With Halloween quickly approaching, we thought we'd ask you, the readers, if you've ever encountered a spooky element in your home. They're all over, haunted houses, and San Francisco has a few famous spots of its own. The Chambers mansion in Pacific Heights is probably the city's most notoriously haunted house. However, a quick one hour drive takes you to San Jose where the Winchester House (above) is, which is perhaps the most haunted (and bizarre) piece of real estate in the United States. Would you live in a house that was rumored to be haunted? Have you already? Let us know your story in the comments or by dropping a line to If it's extra spookalicious, we'll publish your story right here on Curbed SF. Cheers!
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