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Tendernob Studio Is Asking $977 Per Square

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The last time unit #104 at 725 Pine sold was in February of 2008 for $395,000. Shoot forward to today and it's back, but with a lighter price tag: $345,000. Before you get excited about what you're assuming is a low price, let's take a look at some facts. The unit's a studio. A studio that's 353-square-feet. That makes it $977 per square foot, which nearly doubles San Francisco's average. Now pair that with the monthly HOA dues of $324.74 and lack of a parking spot. The pros: the condo's Tendernob location is a highly desired area of town; it's got in-unit laundry, and there's a shared backyard. The cons: the condo's only window looks out onto a wall; the kitchen is actually a mini bar, and the washing machine and dryer are in the otherwise fancy looking bathroom. What say you, dear readers? Is this a pretty decent pied-à-terre? Or should we expect a price chop?
· 725 Pine, #104 [Redfin]

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725 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA