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Presidio Heights: Marketing Gets Vertiginous, $8.9M

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Once upon a time, real estate listings appeared in the Sunday editions of newspapers. How quaint! Now it's all online, and while realtors have tried video productions, they've been fairly grim productions, sometimes just re-purposed lo-res slide shows with bad, bad music. Where once there may have been an aerial view- an expensive proposition involving a plane unless it's clipped from Google- now we have aerial videos as openers shot from an electric helicopter. Distant cousins to the drones used over Afganistan, the go-to helicopter videographer in San Francisco is Devin Hedrick of Hover Effect, using a lithium battery-powered craft small enough to take off from a patio (above) and cruise around the neighborhood, in the video clip:

The listing in question is 3855 Washington Street, an over-the-top renovation we toured last week thanks to Butch Haze at Teed-Haze. Have a look in our gallery, or go to their full-on presentation. The house itself is completely renovated, with flawless finishes throughout like the dark green auto-body paint in the foyer. The designers seem to be channeling American decorator Dorothy Draper using strong contrasts and big white moldings. With an asking price of $8,900,000, the 6-bed, 6.5-bath house includes two master suites, one on the top floor, plus room for the au pair and the best laundry room we've ever seen. Plus a security system they asked us not to discuss.
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