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The Mission: HPC Sends 49 Julian on to Planning For Shrinkage

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[Image Credits: San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission] Developers seeking to demolish a one-story shed on Julian Avenue and put up a 50-foot high building with six 2-bed, 2-bath units over a garage will need a Conditional Use permit to do so, and while this would seem routine enough, fielding the neighbor's objections and working it through with Planning Department staff, this time the neighbor is, owners of the hulking San Francisco Armory immediately next door. Predictably, Kink's not taking this lying down. Or even standing up. The proposed project will obscure the Armory's iconic roofline and worse, block the windows of the vast indoor Drill Court, an historic space Kink is now restoring with plans for an event venue.

The Historic Preservation Commission reviewed Kink's objections, and yesterday voted to pass 89 Julian on to Planning with a recommendation that the bulk be reduced so as not block the windows. No word on the proposed color scheme of apple green and dark red. Kink's shadow studies exonerated their rising neighbor 1880 Mission Street in the light-blocking issue. Images in the gallery from HPC staff report and Kink's big, heaving response to the project, which includes a detailed history of the Armory's use as an events venue ("The Madison Square Garden of the West") and the history of adaptive re-use of American armories . Exhausting!
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