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Board of Supes Meeting Recap: October 18th Edition

[The Edward II Inn, Lombard & Scott Streets [Photo via SF Appeal]

The Board of Supervisors were back on attack in their ridiculously expensive board chambers yesterday!

Remember the showdown a few weeks ago over transitional youth housing in the Marina? Neighbors were still concerned about spot zoning to establish a Lombard and Scott Street Affordable Group Housing Special Use District. Even though the neighbors’ appeal of the project was rejected a few weeks ago, the Supes still had to approve the SUD. Yesterday they did, and the vote passed 10-1, with Sup. Farrell voting no.

Supervisor Cohen’s ordinance for “Reconstruction of Buildings Damaged or Destroyed by Fire or Acts of God” seemed like a no-brainer, but Sup. Elsbernd stood up (love the formality now that we’re back in the fancy chambers!) to voice his concerns. Apparently his mom’s residential rental building burned down about a year ago, and getting the building permits to rebuild was beastly and time-consuming. He called the proposed ordinance an “insurance company’s dream” that “screws the consumer” since it would have required a property owner to get a building permit within 18 months, which apparently is basically impossible at the speed insurance companies work. Sup. Cohen heeded his concerns, and it was continued for a few weeks to work on it more.

Your dog’s favorite supervisor Scott Wiener has been working with the SPCA, Neighborhood Parks Council, and some professional dog walker associations to introduce legislation to regulate commercial dog walkers in the city. Dog walkers would have to get a permit, pay an annual fee, and limit their puppy clients to seven per walk while using city property. Sup. Wiener claims it will help “legitimize the profession”, but we’re guessing a lot of under-the-table dog walkers will feel otherwise. Future public comment will be epic, we’re sure.
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