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Half a Million Off For a Slice of Presidio Heights

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Was: $6,750,000
Now: $6,250,000
You Save: $500,000 First listed in late September of this year, 14 Presidio Terrace just took a chop of $500,000, bringing down its asking price to a reasonable and obtainable $6,250,000. If you leave work now, you could get home soon enough to bust open the piggy bank and finally cash in all those pennies before the banks close at 5. The 7-bed, 7.5-bath single-family home features "beautifully proportioned rooms of polished design & rare elegance." No mention that mayoral candidate Joanna Rees lives a few houses down, so if you're into venture capital funds and local politics, you might be in for a fun neighbor who has finished every book she's ever started, like some type of robot. Other property highlights include an au pair suite on the lower level and you getting the opportunity to smugly let people know that you live in a gated community.
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