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Castle Lovers Rejoice: The Albion Castle's Sale is Pending

881 Innes, aka the Albion Castle in Hunters Point, has been sitting pretty (and lonely) on the market since September of 2009. The Albion Castle is a unique property because (it's a castle in Hunters Point) it used to be the home of the Albion Brewery and a source for the Mountain Spring Water Company, hence the plethora of underground reservoirs. And hey, how about that bathroom? It's got a throne for a toilet. When it was first listed it was asking $2,950,000. Since then, it's reduced its price more than a dozen times, and even went off the market. Presumingly to sulk and feel bad for itself. And in September of this year, the Albion Castle officially left the Millionaire's Club when its price was reduced to $975,000. Two years and never an offer. Until now. We just checked in with the property, and it looks like a sale's been pending since October 5th. No word on who or for how much, but we seriously hope that a new owner is in this property's near future. If the sale goes through, do invite us to the housewarming party.
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