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Dolores Heights: Streamline Moderne Back On The Market

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And we're back! The pristine, white stucco Streamline Moderne near the top of Liberty Hill is back on the market, asking $3,300,000. The 3-bed, 3.5-bath house was completely redone and sold in June, 2008 for $3,400,000 and again this past March for $3,200,000. Built in 1938, just before its period-sibling the Aquatic Park bathhouse, it's one the few, and best, examples of the late-Art Deco variation that was internationally popular in the 1930's but never quite caught on here in San Francisco. Renovation reversed the plan, putting the master suite on the ground floor, plus opening up the kitchen to the view while retaining some period details and the walls of vintage glass block. It's an elegant house, not especially kid-friendly unless your kids wear tuxedos, with open, and un-blockable views of San Francisco. What do you think it will sell for this time around? Check out the gallery, above, and floor plans from 2008 after the jump.

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