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Shiny and Fancy (and Costly) New Wheelchair Ramp Debuts at City Hall

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"We're really proud of how the project turned out," City Administrator Amy Brown told City Insider, an blog. "We preserved the beautiful and unique historical features of the room while making the podium fully accessible, and that, we feel, sends a really important and powerful message that we're fully complying with the law and that there's really, truly access for all to that space." The historic City Hall legislative chambers will be back in business tomorrow after a $567,735 upgrade to make certain areas accessible via wheelchair, specifically the president's dais and the clerk's desk. $567,735 may seem a lot of cash, so here's a breakdown of how it was spent: $170,641 in architectural and engineering work; $49,824 for oversight by preservationists; $201,678 for labor; $25,200 for materials; $49,000 to fabricate the bronze handrail; and $20,350 to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. Oh, and the job's not done yet. A "specially fabricated bronze handrail" that will be installed of the side of the 10-foot ramp to where the board sits will be put into place when the supervisors are on winter recess.
· Supervisors head back home to new wheelchair ramp [SFGate]
[Photo via Chris Saulit]

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