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NIMBY Drama at the Planning Commission Over Russian Hill Demolition

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Neighbors called for Discretionary Review over the proposal to demo a one-story house and build a new three-story house at 1 McCormick Street in Russian Hill. The existing little house is totally adorable, but a structural engineering firm found it to be structurally unsound and inhabitable. Neighbors are concerned about the height (it’ll block our sun!) and construction inconveniences (it’s a tiny alley with no parking so the construction trucks will block our driveways!). They also claim the existing building is a historic resource, but a professional preservation firm found it was not (it’s been altered too much). The Planning Department says the height is allowed and parking issues are a DPW problem - the Planning Commission agreed, so they rejected the DR request and approved the project.

11-14-11render.jpg[Rendering via SF Planning Department]
· 1 McCormick Discretionary Review Analysis [SF Planning Dept.]

1 McCormick Street, San Francisco CA