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MTC Establishes Beachhead for Regional Government Acronyms in SOMA

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[390 Main Street via Google Streetview]

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted this week to move its headquarters from Oakland to 390 Main Street in SOMA. The hulking concrete structure is former a Post Office facility, once best known as the place to bring you tax filings late on April 15, or as something to speed by on Harrison Street to the Bay Bridge, but during WWII it was a tank factory supplying the forces in the Pacific. According to the Chron, the MTC is buying the building for $93M with plans to spend another $74M on renovations, a deal that made some people in the East Bay deeply unhappy- Oakland wanted them to stay in Oakland- and two members of the board boycotted the vote.

Others say it fills a need to bring the Bay Areas various planning and governance agencies under one roof. Besides the MTC and its bridge operations, there's the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) the Bay Area Air Quality Management Authority (BAQMA) the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) committed as tenants, with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) considering joining the mix. Near BART, MUNI and the Bay Bridge, the site's within spitting distance of the Transbay Transit Center, and next to 201 Folsom (that parking lot across from the curvy green-glass Infinity) rezoned back in 2003 for residential construction- over a parking platform specifically for 390 Main Street's use.
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390 Main Street, San Francisco, CA