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Dolores Park Signage: Major Buzz-Kill, or a Plea For Help?

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[A sign of the times in Dolores Park. Photo Credit Dolores Park Works via Uptown Almanac]

Poor Dolores. People have been wrangling over her for the past decade. Rec & Parks comes up with a plan to restore the park, then gets shot down by neighborhood stakeholders who don't want it closed for repairs. No money for a playground? A group of parents comes up with private funding and a sail through approvals- all the more fitting because the new playground will have a pirate ship. Hopefully, far enough away from butt pirates in the bushes and amorous couples on the lawn. Are the paved walks wide enough to comply with the ADA? Plus there's the three D's- no drugs, no drinking, no dogs off leash- which have the stoner/dog owner/imbiber constituency in a snit. Above, a sign ready to be re-written, via Uptown Almanac, meanwhile you can weigh in without fear of arrest in the comments. Probably the only thing everyone can agree on is cleaning up after the dogs and a proper set of regularly-maintained, unvandalized restrooms.
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Dolores Park

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