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Inner Sunset: Marketing to Catholics?

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Many houses get staged, and it's refreshing to see one that's not staged at all- giving us a glimpse into other lives. Not so much living vicariously as "I'd run screaming" or "what would my place look like online?" and straight into the hands of a stager. All that aside, we have to wonder why the realtor chose to mention St. Anne's of the Sunset and the church's adjacent elementary school in the listing text without mentioning Jefferson Elementary School and the Sunset Library or any of the seven houses of worship in the vicinity? Or for Adult Ed, the SF Bay Traffic Violator's School? They're upfront about the unwarranted ground floor apartment and "BART stopping in front of the house." Asking price for the 3-bed, 1-bath house (plus apartment) is $775,000. Tax-wise, a win for San Francisco- the current owners are paying $514 per annum in property taxes based on a value of $51,535- even if goes for hundreds of thousands less. How much would you pay?
· 748 Judah Street [Redfin]