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Let There Be (Sun)light

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The proposed Transbay Tower would have a height of 1,070 feet, which has some city dwellers worried about it blocking sunlight. The building's shadows, along with the shadows of five other buildings proposed to rise at least 700 feet near the old Transbay Terminal at First and Mission streets, may block sunlight to certain city parks during certain hours of the day. "What this does is eliminate a significant amount of public sunlight that the public can never get back," said Bill Maher, a proponent of a 1984 voter-approved initiative to print new buildings from shading public parks. But officials say that the amount of new shadows cast on parks would increase by only a very small amount. "Clearly there will be people who don't like this plan because it is San Francisco, (and) nothing like this could get done without controversy," said Gabriel Metcalf, co-chairman of a city committee formed to analyze Prop. K issues.
· Transbay Tower plan raises shadow debate [SFGate]