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Cute and Quaint TIC in Nob Hill Would Like Some Attention

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There's a TIC available in a 5-unit building in Nob Hill. The 1-bed, 1-bath unit is being described as a "great" starter home or pied-à-terre. Thankfully, the building's eligible for condo conversion, so there's that. The asking price is currently $334,500, which is $14,500 less than what it was asking back in mid-September when it was listed for $349,000. Monthly HOA dues are a low $150 and there's no parking. The only concern we have with the property is the lack of countertop space in the kitchen. Otherwise, it's adorable. Dear readers, what experiences have you had with TIC properties? Is it a deal breaker for you? Let us know in the comments.
· 1615 Jones, #2 [Redfin]