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Parkmerced: Section 8 Tenants Facing Demands and Evictions

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[Parkmerced from Daly City. Photo Credit: pbo31 via SFist]

It's tough being poor, and at Parkmerced, tenants under the subsidized Section 8 program have been hit with demands by Stellar Management for back rent and utility payments, according to the San Francisco Bay Guardian. There's no doubt the money is owed, but the previous management company apparently let the tenants slide, and Stellar has been sending out 3-day notices for amounts ranging from $600 to $800 per unit. According to the Bay Guardian, at least nine eviction proceedings have begun. There are several hundred Section 8 tenants in the complex and about 80 of them have received demand notices for what sound like small amounts compounded over years of inaccurate billing. Section 8 tenants tend to be in fragile economic situations, and as Sara Shortt of the Housing Rights Committee puts it, "It's blood from a turnip" and no doubt some will see this a an attempt to dislodge low-income tenants from rent-controlled units.
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