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832 Fell Seeks Lovers of Fancy Shmancy (and Price Reductions)

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Readers, you called it. 832 Fell, the 6,720-square-foot Queen Anne Victorian mansion with seven bedrooms and five and half bathrooms, has taken a price chop. The mansion was first listed in late January of this year for a little under $4M. Shoot forward to current day and it's now $3,150,000. Why won't this mansion sell? In a SF Examiner article, former agent for the property Amy Clemens suggested that the low price was a result of the neighborhood, saying that "there's really nothing in the neighborhood that has sold on this scale with the double lot and the amount of parking." How much parking? Almost enough for eight vehicles. While it is an odd locations for such a grand manse, we can't help but think the design of the interiors is a bit intimidating to buyers. And the commenters agreed. "Sooo much granite" and "It's like the Winchester Mystery House of wood." One agent who had been inside the property chimed in to say that "the kitchen kind of felt like being in a spaceship." We agree that the design is? specific. Think the latest chop will motivate a buyer to submit an offer? Let us know in the comments!
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