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Billionaire's Row Mega Mansion Takes a Little Off the Top

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Was: $32,000,000
Now: $28,500,000
You Save: $3,500,000 There's no denying that 2701 Broadway on Billionaire's Row is one of San Francisco's most opulent, expensive and talked about properties. The 7-bed, 7-bath, 16,400-square foot mansion has been sitting pretty (and large) on the market for quite some time. The property was completely rebuilt and restored in 2002, and features an indoor basketball court and elevator to all five levels. It sat on the market for a year at $32,000,000, and just recently took a price chop of $3,500,000, bringing down the asking price to an obtainable $28,500,000. Dear readers, do you think this price reduction will motivate a buyer? Let us know in the comments!
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