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Orthomolecular Doctor's Uber-Spectacular Pac Heights Manse on the Market Again

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Like the ghost in Poltergeist, this grand 1906 Beaux Arts-era mansion is back. 2698 Pacific Avenue last hit the market in August of this year, was de-listed, and has now returned in all its Renaissance-Revial glory. Situated with bay views and easy access to Alta Plaza, the home's owner is Dr. Richard Kunin, founder of Orthomolecular medicine. Apparently said medicine is quite lucrative: the mansion spans 12,667 square feet and includes: 8-beds and bath, seven fireplaces, four offices, a sitting room, formal dining room, kitchen with separate butler’s pantry (butler not included), and wine cellar-- and because one is never enough for the true book lover, two libraries.

If you can see past the I-heart-Windsor-Palace decor and your desire to rip the turquoise shag carpet off the floor and rid the walls of salmon-colored paint does not overwhelm you, you can appreciate the bones of this home, as they're iconic SF: intricate metal-work on the stair railing; delicate frescos on ceilings; everywhere graceful columns, arches and domes. Just as breathtaking (and iconic SF) is the price tag: $9,800,000.
· 2698 Pacific Ave. []