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SoMa Artist Pad Up For Grabs

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Has your quest to find a 2,275-square foot boutique warehouse left you exhausted? They're just so rare these days. Thankfully 765 Clementina Street, which is a single block between 8th and 9th streets and Folsom and Howard streets, has just landed on the market. It's a tad bit complicated, since technically there's no bedroom, but it is 2,275 square feet. Get some really tall bookcases to separate space! Or embrace an "open floorplan." Your call. Let's get the swooning out of the way. Although seafoam isn't our color of choice, we think this building's exterior and interior (yes-- even the fridge in the kitchen) pull it off quite nicely. And we imagine the abundance of skylights throughout the property flood the space with tons of natural light. And the cork flooring is just oh so lovely and warm. There's 1-car parking with interior access. The bummer stuff: it's a warehouse with one bathroom for $1,200,000. And the last time it sold was in September of 2009 for $820,000. Readers, will this seafoam abode become a PriceChopper? Or will it quickly sell?
· 765 Clementina [Redfin]

765 Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA