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A-Cup: The Rising Tide Raises All Boats! Realtors Perk Up

The 34th America's Cup Route (Credit ©2011
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Suddenly, the excitement around the America's Cup race sinks in when you look at the map and the term "natural sailing amphitheater" takes on new meaning. Also it could be renamed the Race Around Alcatraz. The press release is worth a read, if only for its slightly contagious enthusiasm. Meanwhile, excitement about money and jobs ramp up as cities around the Bay Area are angling for some cup action, with both Alameda and Richmond boosters letting it be known what great back-up facilities they can provide. Both have deep water access and available shorefront; Richmond wants to build an "America's Cup Village." As for the seriously rich people in town, the SFACOC (San Francisco America's Cup Organizing Committee) has to come up with $12,000,000 by the end of the year, for a total of $32,000,000 by 2013 to fulfill their commitment to defray the SF's projected cost of hosting the race. As for the aphorism that the "rising tide lifts all boats," maybe this place on Telegraph Hill with sell although it only has views of half the race, but we expect anything with a full view of the race to command prices not seen since? 2007.
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