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Golden Gate Park: Preservationists Lurking in the Bushes

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Photo Credit: Peter Kaminsky

Get ready for some sabre-rattling over the future of Golden Gate Park. This coming year, the Historic Preservation Commission will attempt to landmark the entire park. Where that leaves the Recreation and Parks Commission is anyone's guess, but the HPC has been surveying the park's historic assets and is expected to hold public hearings this spring.

Obviously Golden Gate Park is an extremely important resource for The City, and it’s already listed on the national register,” commission Vice President Courtney Damkroger said. “We want to be sure all historic resources in the park remain, and we want to work with [the Recreation and Park Department] on figuring out what the contributing resources are to its historic significance.The whole thing smacks of mistrust and old grudges, recalling the uproar around the de Young and the Music Concourse, parking and access. How does one historicize use? Will there be a dress code? More coyotes? If they'd done this in 1893 there wouldn't be a Japanese Tea Garden. We'll keep up-to-date on this, but meanwhile, express your opinions in the comments: what's the future of Golden Gate Park?
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