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Rubber or Plastic Sewer Vent Covers?

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Got a question? We love digging. We just don't always come up with an answer, in which case we'll throw the question to the wolves aka your fellow Curbed SF readers. Shoot your inquiries to the Ask Curbed SF Inbox.

A recent post about property owners being held responsible for missing vent covers yields this question from a commenter:

I have replaced the vent cover in front of my building at least 3 times. Does anyone know some way to permanently affix the thing so the street criminals can't steal it? I have seen a few hard plastic/rubber versions around town. Where do they come from? A hardware suppliers list on the SFPDW website tells us that Fox Hardware carries both the round and square covers (metal). A quick call to Fox and we learned that they don't sell plastic or rubber covers, but they do carry security head screws for property owners who have had it with people stealing their covers. The security head screws use a special tool to get the screws in and out-- something most people wouldn't have on them when they were trying to steal your cover. We asked if they carried/had heard of rubber or plastic covers, they had not. A call to the SFDPW that transferred us to the Bureau of Street Use and Mapping had the same result.

We're stumped -- so we turn to you, dear readers. Do these rubber or plastic vent covers exist? If so, where can we find them?
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