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Dolores Street Short Sale Leaves the Million Club

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Was: $1,050,000
Then: $1,000,000
Now: $975,000
You Save: $75,000

Let's get the "ugh" out of the way: it's a short sale. That said, this 2-bed, 2-bath, 1,450 square foot "Rousseau-style 1920's home" has been hanging tight on the market for 83 days. It's got a large living room with wood-burning fireplace and built-in shelving and a dining room with French doors to a stone patio. One of the bedroom's has a deck with stairs to a private backyard. Tell us, dear readers, will this home finally sell? Or should we expect another chop?
· 1688 Dolores [Redfin]

1688 Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA