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Buena Vista: Bathtub With A View Now $500,000 Less

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Was: $2,595,000
Now $2,095,000
You Save: $500,000

We covered this house last September when it first came on the market (well, since 2008, when it sold for $2,200,000) and now it's back: a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath Edwardian with good bones, a discreet renovation and sexy bathrooms. We still love the somewhat underdone kitchen- no granite! Very much in the spirit of the period while having all the mod cons. Like wine refrigeration. Probably room for expansion on the ground floor (check out the floor plan after the jump) or at least some remodeling. For this much money we're not thrilled to do laundry in the garage, plus the bedrooms are somewhat closet-deficient. Looks like the seller has dropped the price to attract interest in the hope they'll get closer to the '08 purchase price and get it sold "over asking." A great house- what do you think it will go for?

Click on plans to enlarge!

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