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Haight Ashbury: Danny Glover Expresses His Dismay

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First of all, we love that Danny Glover takes in his own recycling. The actor, long known for his progressive politics, at first appears a little camera-shy, but once sure it's not TMZ, performs an admirable and extemporaneous endorsement of the HANC (Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council) recycling center, which he says he's been using for decades. It's getting late in the day for the recycling center, which Rec and Parks wants to evict from its corner of Golden Gate Park and replace with a community garden. Neighbors don't much like the center, which began in 1974 and attracts scavengers looking to redeem enough bottles to eat that day but otherwise takes in not so much stuff. Plus there's a private native plant nursery on the site. Garden plans are afoot, and a community meeting is scheduled for February 14. Someone better move fast- the Historic Preservation Commission, which seeks to landmark the entire park under its jurisdiction- might be tempted to declare HANC's recycling center an historic use, as a "classic manifestation of grassroots civic action of the 1970's."
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780 Frederick Street, San Francisco, CA