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Just Under a Million and AT&T Park as Your Front Yard

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Was: $1,095,000
Then: $1,045,000
Now: $995,000
You Save: $100,000

The last sale for unit #403 at Glassworks was back in January of '05 for $930,000. Shoot forward a little over five years and the current owners were itching to make $165,000 off of their condo. No bites were had, so the place got a price reduction. Same scene 25 days later, so now the 2-bed, 2.5-bath unit's sitting pretty with an asking price of $995,000, which forces it out of the Millionaire's Club. This could either be a deal maker or breaker: Glassworks is directly across the street from AT&T Park. Granted, you're on the fourth floor of a professionally maintained building, so it's not like Giants fans would be peeing on your doorstep, but still. Directly across the street. 1-car parking is included and monthly HOA dues are $552.12.
· 207 King Street #403 [Redfin]


207 King Street, San Francisco, California 94107


207 King Street, San Francisco, CA