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Technical Difficulties Lead to Denial of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits

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A pot club looking to open on Taraval St. back in November was apparently shot down on a technicality. According to the Examiner today, the Bay Area Compassion Health Center was denied their application because the planning code that defines where medical marijuana dispensaries can operate (and more specifically how close to children's recreation centers) was one letter off. A reference that should have been referring to "subsection A", pointed to a non-existent "subsection F", and now the citizens of the Outer Sunset are denied their compassionate, herbal remedies. It shouldn't harsh their mellow for too long though - the 13-member Medical Marijuana Task Force is already drafting up corrected legislation to submit to the Board of Supervisors before any other permits are denied or (even worse) the code is used withdraw currently-approved applications.
·Advocates Fear New Pot Clubs Could be Rejected by Technicality [SFExaminer]