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Mid-Market: Burning Man at the Warfield?

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It's been a week of very good news for the neighborhood known as Mid-Market and its future as an arts district. Along with the announcement that ACT wants to build a theater complex there, today the folks who somehow entice thousands nearly-naked artists, revelers, and frat boys to cavort in the Nevada desert announced they're looking to move their offices to the Warfield Building. Conveniently in the same triangular block as the proposed ACT project, the Warfield began as a vaudeville theater in 1922 and thrives as a music venue despite the uber-crumminess of its location. Last year the upper floors were put on the market as commercial condos. Burning Man LLC and the Black Rock Foundation, who also brought us the Raygun Gothic Rocketship now on the Embarcadero, are currently lodged in an industrial park in Bayview. The new venue would bring them within reach of both their constituency and an opportunity for more temporary public art- like the jigsaw-mad and elegant "Hayes Green Temple" by David Best and Karen Cusolito's "Ecstacy". Plus they're thinking of a cafe-gallery. Because all this creativity will require caffeine.
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The Warfield

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