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Clarendon Heights Mega House Takes Another Chop

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Was: $4,500,000
Then: $4,198,000
Then: $3,998,000
Then: $3,800,000
Now: $3,498,000
You Save: $1,002,000

28 Clarendon was built 1959 and then underwent a complete renovation by award-winning architect Simon Kwan in 2010. During that time, two levels were added below the existing 2-story structure. Now it's a fancypants 3-bed, 3.75-bath 4,537 square foot contemporary abode, complete with floor-to-ceiling carrera marble walls and views galore from every room. Unfortunately none of this has helped with the sale of the house, as it's been sitting very pretty on the market for 224 days now. Today it took another chop, bringing down the asking price to $3,498,000. Highlights include an elevator that looks like it could double as a sauna, a huge master suite big enough to house a sleeping and sitting area, a glass wall at the entry stair and a four story courtyard.
· 28 Clarendon [Redfin]

28 Clarendon Ave, San Francisco, CA