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Ocean View in Bayview

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Now: $149,900
You Save: $15,000

We love a good sh*tshack over here at Curbed, and even though this beauty has been on and off the market quite a bit, we still wanted to draw your attention to its awesomeness. After a scant four days after re-listing, the price has already been dropped to $149,900 for this 3-bed, 2-bath house in Bayview, just a few blocks from 3rd Street and its Muni line. This is a true fixer-upper, complete with plywood windows, so there's a lot of work to be done here. The building itself is 920 square feet, with some sort of "back area" on the lot (we are hesitant to call it a yard from the Google Maps view of things). The kitchen looks like someone got in a Cops-style fight in it, so there may be more than cupboards to replace - who is up for patching holes in the wall? As for the bedrooms, we beg of you, please do not paint over the waves. They are the cheeriest part of this whole joint.
· 1524 Newcomb Avenue [Redfin]

1524 Newcomb Avenue, San Francisco, California