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America's Cup Real Estate Madness Begins

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Hot on the heels of the America's Cup map being published comes word that a studio's up for grabs on the 14th floor of 1000 North Point, the curved Mid-Century modern residential tower in Russian Hill. "Your front row seat to the World Cup 2013!" the listing reads. The views of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges and Aquatic Park are unending. At 410 square feet, the studio is tiny. But are you buying the condo for the view or to practice your gymnastics routine? The deets: it's $489,000, which is a mind-numbing $1,193 a square foot. Monthly HOA dues are $493. The kitchen's been recently remodeled with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Readers, is a view of the action worth over $1,000 a square foot? Cast your vote below!

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1000 North Pt, San Francisco, CA