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Mid-Market: More Drama, Better Lighting

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Rendering from the Tenderloin Economic Development Project via SFGate

Good news for the neighborhood known as Mid-Market: ACT (American Conservatory Theater) is in the very early stages of planning a new dramatic arts and performing center at Turk and Market Streets. With the usual caveat of "Oh this will take years" ambitious plans are afoot for a new theater, rehearsal spaces and a costume facility to replace an existing two-story building on the same dreary block as the Warfield and the Crazy Horse, both of which will stay. Which is good, because those stripper poles are landmarked. ACT is looking for partners to bring this off, which could create a critical mass of entertainment resources across the street from CItyPlace, scheduled to break ground this spring. The site, just half a block west of the busy Westfield Centre and the tourist-packed cable car turnaround, needs all the help it can get.
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Westfield Shopping Centre

865 Market Street , San Francisco, CA 94103